His Word Lights The Way | Bible Journaling with Cece


Back in the Philippines, where I’m from and where I call home, power outages used to happen every so often— especially during thunderstorms or hurricanes. So we are always prepared with plenty of flashlights, batteries, candles, and radios. It really makes you appreciate the electricity we often take for granted. Our flashlights are often placed on our bedside tables or headboards and our candles in a specific place in the kitchen. This way, we won’t be stumbling in the dark (especially in the middle of the night).

Like how a flashlight is important in finding your way through a room full of obstruction and hurdles that can hurt you if you walk into them, His Word is the ultimate guide given to us to navigate our lives in this dark world. It contains everything we need to know in order to repent, have faith in God, receive salvation, and live a life pleasing to Him. It teaches us right and wrong, shows us the difference between true and false doctrines, and reveals the character and nature of God. It brings light, healing, peace, assurance, and so much more to our weary souls. It is our resource to direct us in our Christian life.

Sadly, even if most of us already know this, we don’t take full advantage of what’s been given to us. Do we keep and treasure His Word in our hearts (like the flashlight that is within arm’s reach) for us to use anytime we need it?

Let’s make it a point today and every day to spend at least a few minutes in the Word. Read it, meditate on it, (if possible) memorize it, and use it to guide your way. It is one of the most important and best things we can do for ourselves.



For this page, I decided to create in my little Psalms book, which I try to do whenever I get the chance. There’s not much space to journal but I tried my best to get everything in there. First, I used a stencil to create a bit of interest in the background. Stencils are my new favorite thing and it’s so easy to use! Next, I put down the gorgeous silver/white washy that came in the kit on both the top and bottom of the page just to give it some interest. I love how this washy is silver on white and just melts right on to the page. Then I decided to create on the top portion of the page (right above the verse that I’m working on) and wrote out– YOUR EVERY WORD IS WRITTEN ON MY HEART using a mix of alphas and word stickers. I put a box around the verse that I’m working on making sure to outline it a couple of times just to give it a look of imperfection. Then I added some hearts around the words to bring the page together. These new hearts were introduced a few months ago and I absolutely love how cute they look on the page! Then I added some journaling (copied some words from this month’s devotional that I want to remember) to the side where I found a tiny bit of space and added a couple more word stickers to give the page a finished look. There weren’t any bows this month, but this bow from a past kit (which is still available in case you’re interested) goes perfectly with this kit! It should go on the top, but for pictures sake, I placed it on the side so we can see what I did on top.

Thank you for dropping by.  I’m Cece and I’ve been journaling for almost two years now. You can find me on Instagram to follow my progress or on YouTube for some process videos. Also, don’t forget to check out this kit in the shop and join the Creative Retreat Kits Insiders Group to see how others are using this kit and to also get your free printable for the month!


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