Bible Journaling with Julie | His Purpose, My Hands

You can see the entire process video for this page on the CR YouTube Channel or at the end of this post.

acs_0103The Proverbs 31 Woman.  Sigh…..

Does she have that reaction on you too?  Does the mention of her make you sigh, whether it be in awe, in respect, in want,  or perhaps in despair?  She is a beautiful woman, for sure.  But not because of how virtuous and productive she is.  She’s beautiful and praiseworthy because she fears the Lord, and seeks His purpose for her daily life.

The verse that strikes me, and Lisa, the writer of this month’s devotional, Beloved Woman, discusses it as well, is verse 15.  “She rises while it is yet night…”  I’m sure she gets up earlier than daybreak so she can accomplish everything she needs to.  The chapter mentions all those things her hands accomplish:  spinning wool, cooking for her family, making bread, gardening vegetables, decorating her home, working out (vs. 17), helping the poor, running a household AND a small business!  That’s a lot to do in a day.  But we have to infer here from these verses that she also–or rather primarily–rises early to spend time with God, seeking His wisdom, strength, and joy.  She has so much to do, but she asks God what is His will and plan for the day.  She allows His purpose for her day–His purpose for her hands–to dictate her agenda.  I’m convinced the Proverbs 31 Woman studies and prays first, before filling out her day planner or daily to-do list.  Otherwise, she’d be simply spinning wheels rather than spinning wool.  Is that a familiar feeling?  It certainly is to me!


Friends, this devotional couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  It helped me to decide my One Little Word for this year:  PURPOSE.  Let me explain.

This past year, as a result of a car accident that left my arm injured and requiring surgery and months of rehab, I was limited in what my literal hands could accomplish.  I was only released from another immobilizing brace 3 days ago.  I spent one-third of the year in a series of arm braces, two-thirds of the year in physical therapy, and the ENTIRE year frustrated in what I could NOT accomplish.  But on those days when I relinquished my plans and purpose to God, and just sought what He wanted me to do, I felt at peace with how much I got done, whether it was a little or a lot.  Apparently, I have control issues, and God has been using this past trial to help me to try to not control things so much!

I still have restrictions.  I can’t even try to pick up or lift anything with that arm for at least six more weeks.  My physical therapy is ongoing.  I will hopefully be released by April or May.  But I know therapy will only help if I keep doing my exercises.  Painful exercises, I might add.  But this pain is for a purpose–it helps me to get better.  I keep telling myself that as I’m enduring the pain of rehab.


The purpose of this whole experience has been to grow me.  The purpose of my daily exercises are to help me get better.  I need to seek God’s purpose for what I can accomplish, and what He wants me to accomplish, even in my limited capacity.  I need to purpose in my heart to seek His purpose daily.


The Proverbs 31 Woman had purpose.  It was His purpose.



I created this page with the January Faith Art Box.  The hand stamp, and two of the decor stickers that said “purpose” inspired this layout.  You can watch how this entire page came together in the process video on the CR YouTube channel.  I’m fumbly and shaky and messy, as I had just gotten out of the brace two days earlier.  But it’s also good to see how we can accomplish something even with limitations, as long as we have a purpose.

Happy New Year!

Check out my other process videos and tutorials on Jules’ Jewels YouTube Channel and my blog Jules’ Jewels, and other projects on Instagram at @julesk.jewels.

4 thoughts on “Bible Journaling with Julie | His Purpose, My Hands

  1. JULIE ! Love this. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come through this year with your injury and recovery. You have a such a beautiful heart that goes right along with this beautiful page. (The square you made with the stamp = brilliant!!!)



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