Bible Journaling with Rochelle | Ms Masterpiece

Well hello, this is Rochelle, and thank you for joining me as we dive into this January devotion again. Click here to see the process video on the Creative Retreat YouTube channel.

WOW!  I couldn’t even believe how timely this devotion was, how much my heart needed to hear these words.  To hear that God has created me as His work of art – His Masterpiece, and that that makes me Ms Masterpiece and not Ms Proverbs 31, gave me the peace I so desperately seeked these last few weeks.  We run after perfection so much that we forget that it is only with Jesus.  The ultimate wrap on my knuckles came with the sentence telling me that Jesus didn’t die for me – His Beloved – to be stressed, but to be free.  Lisa says that being overwhelmed is a choice, and at first I was very ready to just put the devotion down right then and there, because I couldn’t believe that anyone would choose to be overwhelmed.  Yet, here am I, overwhelmed to the max, so it must not be a choice right?  The things that make me feel overwhelmed like mothering and a career and being a wife is not going to change to easy, the change comes from understanding who I am, that my identity is IN Christ, and that IN Him I am a Masterpiece fully equipped for every good work.  Knowing this, and then looking at the things, makes them feel less overwhelming.  I keep on hearing that old saying about telling God about your big problems, instead of telling your problems about your big God as I read this.

This is why I made tags for this entry, the labels we carry around should not be the tags the world gives us.  For some of us, it is supermom (but absent wife) or qualified accountant (but absent mother).  God says Masterpiece equipped for EVERY good work.  I want the tags that God gives, the truth, to be my label.


For the art, I applied Faber-Castell Gelatos to the page thru a stencil using a wet wipe.  I wanted just the soft background with some flowers and leaves.  I then took some precut tags and decorated it with the stickers and stamps from the kit.  I made sure to write my revelations from the devotional on the back of these tags.  I scribbled some gelato on my non-stick craft mat and added quite a bit of water to be able to drag the edge of the tag through it to color it.


I put some fabric ribbon through the holes of the tags and hung these from my bow clip, tying it together with two in a loop.  I made sure to add some washi to the place where the clip would be so that it wouldn’t tear or fray the page.



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