Bible Journaling with Diana | Do This

diana 040119If you’ve grown up in church you are probably familiar with the phrase “Do this in remembrance of me.” It’s something I’ve heard since I was old enough to rip a piece of bread off the loaf and dip it into the cup of grape juice in the monthly communion at my mother’s church.

I know the story: the bread represents Jesus’ body, broken; the juice represents his blood. But something that I’ve been trying to understand lately is the part that comes after each of those sentences. “Do this…” What is the this that Jesus was talking about?

So I googled “Commentary: do this in remembrance of me” and was led to In the Benson commentary, the this that Jesus is referring to is the end of the Passover meal, in which the Jewish people remember their deliverance from Egypt. Instead Jesus is asking his disciples to remember HIM and His sacrifice that would deliver them from their spiritual bondage.

diana2 040119

For entry, I started with a blend of some Distress Inks that matched the kit, and used those same inks to stamp the little star cluster randomly around the page. I used the kit stickers to complete my title and punched our a tab from the washi. I love how the scale of the stickers left me with plenty of room to write out the Benson Commentary.

I’m so glad I am able to share my bible journaling with you. Stay tuned for more!

-Diana @diana.doodles on Instagram


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