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In the devotional this month Kaitlin wrote about a year when she had chosen BOLD as her word for the year.  Choosing a word to focus on is a practice that our Senior Pastor encourages us to do each year.  The last few years my words have included words like faith, joy, and grace.  This year my word became two words, BOLDLY SURRENDER.


Back in January I had no idea the ways God would use these words to work on my relationship with Him.  I definitely did not know how those words would work themselves into my prayer life.  Yet, here we are at the beginning of May, and I find God reminding of this.
Pray, and ask Him BOLDLY, and SURRENDER completely to Him.  
I don’t know about you, but I often find myself holding back in what I ask God for.  If I am honest with myself, this is because He doesn’t always answer prayers the way I think they should be answered.
This takes me back to a time in my life when I was broken.  I had stood across the street from a building the police had surrounded praying for my brother’s safety, and those prayers were definitely not answered the way I  wanted that night.  A few hours later I found out my brother, my only sibling, had been killed.  Just a few months later my marriage of 12 year, that I had poured hours and hours of prayers into, came to an end.  It was one of the hardest times of my life.
Only recently, 11 years later, am I starting to see how it changed the way I viewed God and prayer.  See sometimes it seems my prayers are answered in what seems like the worst possible way.  Yet, I have never forgot God is capable of anything, and wants the absolute best for me.  He knows my heart, and my longing to BOLDLY ask Him for BIG things.  However, where I truly struggle…is with the surrender.  When I start to fully surrender to Him I start letting God be Lord of all my life.
I must ASK Him BOLDLY for what is truly on my heart.  Only then can I see it GIVEN.
I must SEEK Him BOLDLY every day.  Only then can I truly FIND Him.
I must KNOCK loudly on His Door.  Only then can I see Him OPEN it.
What a sweet time spent diving into God’s word and focusing on Boldness in my Prayer Life.  This page came together quickly with some Distress Oxide Spray in Cracked Pistachio, and some fun inspiration from the cover of this month’s devotional.  Stickers, stamps, and a few enamel dots and stars from the kit helped finish my page.
My prayer today is that each of you will find your way to “Prayers of Boldness” in your own walk with God.  Do not be afraid to ask for the BIG things, and remember to ask for them BOLDLY.
Your Sister in Christ,
Missy (@missy.l.brown)

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