Bible Journaling with Priscilla | He hears

The devotional of the May kit has come directly to my heart, because prayer is a fundamental pillar in our Christian life, a treasure in our hands, that sometimes we do not take advantage of it as it should be.

In this episode I would like to reflect on Psalm 145:18-19 here we see that before we begin to search, before enumerating our prayers, recognizing our needs, we must know that “He is”. That God is a close father and that He is ready to listen to us, to know that he is there leaning his ear towards us.

So before beginning to pray our attitude is really important, as the psalm says, The Lord is near to all who calls on him, to all who call on him in truth. So I invite you as a reverence to kneel before him and be sure that he will be there listening to you!

Thank you for dropping by. I’m Priscilla you can find me on Instagram @priscrap and don’t forget to check out this beautiful kit in the store!


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