Bible Journaling with Diana | Life’s Great Adventure

I consider myself very blessed to have been raised in a Christian home. Values and purpose were instilled in me from a young age. And though I wandered, I was drawn back to the right path.

Photo Jun 23, 8 08 11 AMThis is something I want my children to grow up with too.  I want them to grow up wanting to know more about God. I want them to allow God to lead their journey.

Photo Jun 23, 8 09 47 AM

Since bible journaling has been such a key element in my own faith journey, I wanted to also set up some journaling bibles for my kids too.


I’m keeping these bibles as a future gift for their eventual (hopeful) baptism. I write prayers to them alongside scripture that is relevant at different moments in their lives.

Photo Jun 23, 8 05 54 AM

Using the July kit stamps, and some previous kit stickers and stamps, I created the title: Allow God to lead you on your journey. I then wrote a simple prayer to each of my children: that they would choose to follow Jesus and let Him lead their choices in life.

Photo Jun 23, 8 09 07 AM

Life is a great adventure, an adventure that is better when guided along the right path.


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