Bible Journaling with Diana | Words of Comfort

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I had this idea of who I thought God was.  Omniscient. Omnipresent. Those were words I learned in preparation for my confirmation in the 7th grade. To me, God was this all-powerful being in the sky. He had the power to do anything. And power like that can be scary to a 13 year old  anyone.

When I began to read through the bible (the whole thing) last year, I definitely saw that all powerful god. The god who wiped out the world with a flood. The god who demolished cities. The god who struck down people for disobedience.

But I also saw more. God, who promised to never again flood the earth. God, who empowered the simple to lead nations. God, who LOVES us so much he made the ultimate sacrifice.

To me, God isn’t just all-knowing and all-powerful; He is Full of mercy, compassion, and love. He is a god who wants us to look to Him for security.

His power = Our protection.


When working through this month’s kit, I wanted to highlight examples of God’s Sweet Words. Words sweeter than honey.

When Zechariah is approached by a vision of warriors and horses ready to destroy his city, he prayed to God. And God answered with kind and comforting words.


Matthew Henry’s commentary on this chapter explains ” God’s almighty power and sovereign dominion, should engage and encourage sinners to repent and return to Him.”

God wants us to be with Him.

I kept my entry simple using the stamps from the kit, as well as a few other past stamp sets

I added some of the kit stickers to the tag, and improvised ribbon by folding the washi on itself and looping it through the hole.

As you read and study your bible, take some time to see how the all-powerful God is acting out of love for his children.

Photo Jul 28, 8 08 30 PM

2 thoughts on “Bible Journaling with Diana | Words of Comfort

  1. Thank you sharing Diana. I love how you used your creativity even as you study the word. There is so much we learn about the character of God when we make room in our hearts to know more. God bless you 🙏🏿😊



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