He Satisfies | Bible Journaling with Cece

“But I would feed you with the finest wheat. I would satisfy you with wild honey from the rock.” — Psalms 81:14


Honey has some nutritional benefits, but it is meant mostly to delight the one who eats it. Honey adds sweetness and joy to eating. So, I think it’s true to say that God offers pleasure to those who hear and do his words. Sometimes we think of obeying God in terms of what we must give up that we fail to remember the rewards of obedience. Our God wants us to live a full rich life of genuine pleasure. This comes as we seek the Lord and follow his ways.

Do you associate pleasure and enjoyment with God? Because if you don’t, you should. He is so so good and wants to give us the best


For this page, I decided to work in my Little Psalms Book and did this simple entry using the stamps, stickers, and washy tape. I love all the lettering and hexies and the simplicity of this month’s kit.

Thank you for dropping by.  I’m Cece and I’ve been Bible journaling for two years now. You can find me on Instagram to follow my progress or on YouTube for some process videos. Also, don’t forget to check out this kit in the shop and join the Creative Retreat Kits Insiders Group to see how others are using this kit and to also get your free printable for the month!



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