Bible Journaling with Diana | Journey Through Esther

This month I spent a lot of time working through the book of Esther. I thought I would take you on my journey through this small, yet powerful, book.

Photo Oct 16, 8 20 20 PM

I find it interesting how, before we even meet Esther, we are introduced to Queen Vashti. Perhaps her purpose was to be queen until it was time for Esther to step in and set God’s plan in motion.

And then we meet Esther. A young Jewish girl who was placed in the King’s harem. How could she be one to influence the King and save her people? With God. God can give us strength to do hard things.

At the end of the book, I added the reflection questions from the kit to leave space for more journaling as I continue to think about my purpose through Christ and how God can (and will) equip me for my purpose.

Esther is a book I can go back to and read again and again. I always find something new or make a new connection to another study. I would love to hear your favorite books. Is there one you read over and over? If you love reading Esther like I do, grab this kit from the shop before it’s gone.



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