Bible Journaling with Diana | Chasing the Wind

I absolutely LOVED this month’s kit. Not only for the beautiful components, but mostly for the devotional content. The piece that really stuck out to me this month was the question about what I am seeking. Is what I am looking for just like chasing the wind? 

Photo Nov 01, 6 15 06 PM

That hit me. Hard.

It’s a feeling I’ve been having for a while. What am I really looking for? What am I trying to gain? Am I sharing God’s word? Or just enough pretty pictures to increase my followers? Is what I’m doing authentic? Would I speak this way in person?

All of that has been circling in my head for a couple months.

Photo Nov 01, 6 15 39 PM

Bible journaling has fulfilled something that was missing in my life. It helped me understand the bible and be more confident in my beliefs. I has reaffirmed my purpose in life.

Photo Nov 01, 6 14 50 PM

So why am I chasing numbers? Recognition? Shares/likes/followers/etc etc etc? Because I am human. But I do know that I need to seek  Him first. From when I first wake up to when I go to bed.

What are you seeking?

For this entry I was inspired by the question “Am I chasing the wind?” The verses were spread across two pages in my bible, so I used stickers and stamps from this month’s kit and an older kit to illustrate feathers being blown by the wind. I loved how it turned out.

Photo Nov 01, 6 16 21 PM


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