Bible Journaling with Diana | Grow My Character, Part 2

Last month I shared a post about growing my character in the fire. How Jesus is the blueprint for how we are to live. How the trials we go through are part of our training and practice for living with a hope that out life is part of something bigger. You can listen to the sermon I referenced here: Elevate your Character, Jan 26, 2020.

Photo Feb 27, 4 45 33 PM

This month’s kit matches this theme perfectly. And I love what Jenn says in the devotional:

Even in the dark, there is a light. There is hope.

Photo Feb 27, 4 45 48 PM

Even through the trials we go through, we have a hope that this isn’t it. This life, this moment, this problem.. this isn’t it. We have hope. Hope in Jesus. Hope for a better life.

Trials produce incredible things in us: endurance, character, hope and joy. Joy comesĀ  from knowing that the God who loves us more than anything is pouring all of this into our hearts.

Joy. Not momentary happiness. Joy. Knowing that our time here on earth is limited and we are being refined to live more like Jesus. The blueprint for our lives.

Photo Feb 27, 4 48 06 PM

I was inspired by the beautiful florals and colors in this month’s kit. They make me happy and make me think of the Joy we can have. I printed the floral from the back of the devotional (larger than 100%, just big enough to fill a whole 8.5×11 sheet of paper) and used that to trace the design into the margin of my illustrating bible. This process could easily be scaled down to a traditional 2″ margin, but I had already journaled this passage and wanted a large bold statement. I then loosely plopped some neon watercolor onto the page, not trying to stay in the lines or be too careful with shading. The kit stickers made the perfect title to finish off the entry.

I pray that I am able to see my trials for what they are, and to continually shift my focus back to the hope I have in Jesus.



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