Bible Journaling with Diana | My Grandfather’s Favorite Verse

Psalm 23 was my grandfather’s favorite bible verse. When he passed, a stained glass window depicting the shepherd was created/dedicated in his memory at his church. I knew it was his favorite, because my mom told me. But I didn’t understand why.

Photo Mar 23, 10 04 32 AM

When my grandfather retired, he and my grandmother moved to Gettysburg, PA. They built a house and started raising sheep. So that was all I could think of. Sheep. Is that why it was his favorite psalm? I mean it does start “The Lord is my shepherd…”

Photo Mar 23, 10 04 40 AM

But that’s not the whole context of this Psalm. This Psalm is all about how God provides and cares for us. Depending on the translation you will read:

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.- NIV

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.- KJV, ESV

The Lord is my shepherd;
there is nothing I lack.- HCSB

The Lord is my shepherd;
    I have all that I need.- NLT

Photo Mar 23, 10 04 45 AM

Because God is our shepherd, providing for us, his sheep, we have all that we need.

Do you need rest? God provides.

Do you need guidance? God provides.

Help in times of trouble? God provides.

Strength? Courage? Determination? God provides.

Hope that one day we will join Jesus in Heaven? Only God can provide that.

Photo Mar 23, 10 07 47 AM

I may not find out why Psalm 23 was my grandfather’s favorite; but the more I study it, I can see the comfort it provides. Because of God, I have all I need.


Photo Mar 23, 1 21 46 PM

For this entry I used the beautiful faithfilled digitals available in the Creative Retreat Shop. I printed them on white sticker paper which helped this page come together really quickly. I also used some stamps from this kit and a previous kit to add a sprinkle of black onto the page.

I love that I was able to create a beautiful spot to reflect on this verse, and still have space to pour my heart out in the margins.


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