Bible Journaling with Jennifer | Bloom & Grow In Me

I had a conversation the other day with my husband about the flowerbed we have in our front yard. Several years ago we planted lantanas and day lilies there just for the simple fact that they are low-maintenance flowers. Provided that the bed is taken care of and the stems are clipped back in the winter, they should come back every year. That’s perfect for me since I obviously did not inherit the green thumb in my family. However, this year, we were not as diligent in keeping up the bed nor in clipping back the stems and now, the bed looks overgrown, tired and unfortunately is not producing many flowers. I was telling my husband that we needed to do something about it because I didn’t like looking at it and certainly did not want anyone else looking at it either.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the flowerbed. The dog thinks it’s a fantastic place to play!

That conversation got me to thinking about lantanas and day lilies, though. When the bed they are planted in is healthy, free of weeds and gets adequate amounts of water and sunlight, the flowers re-produce themselves. Left alone, they do their own thing – they grow, produce flowers and reproduce. In fact, you could uproot some of the day lilies and give them to someone else to plant so they could start their own bed. But the health of the flowers all depends on the conditions of the bed they are in.

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do as Christians? We are rooted in Christ. In a healthy relationship with Him we grow and produce fruit. In turn, we are supposed to sow seeds of righteousness around us so that others can plant themselves in Him. We weren’t meant to just sit in our flower bed and look pretty. We were meant to scatter the seeds of Christ to the world around us. We were meant to grow the family of God. And like lantanas and day lilies, when we have a healthy relationship with Jesus, sharing Him is almost effortless. It becomes part of who we are and overflows without us even trying. So as you think about the soil quality of your heart that Jesus talks about in Matthew 13, remember that it’s not just about having healthy soil. It’s about blooming, growing and sowing seeds so that others can come to know Him too.

In the meantime, I’ll be outside doing something about this flowerbed. If you’ve got any tips, give me a shout! I need all the help I can get! Y’all have a great weekend! ❤

IG: @lifeintherace


Crafty Details
This page was such a joy to make! The majority of the words were pieced together with stickers from the May 2020 Flourish kit. Although the physical kit is sold out, you can still grab the digital download here (and don’t forget to pre-order the June kit and sign up for autoship so you don’t miss anything!). The words “Sow” and “Seeds” were stamped with the Zion Alpha Set and the flowers at the bottom are from the stamp set that came with the kit. I topped off the page with the burlap bow clip and placed the faux washi strip from the digitals at the bottom. I colored in the flowers with Neocolor ii crayons in yellow, orange, chromium oxid green, bright green, prussian blue and turquoise blue.  I highlighted my scriptures with a micron pen and added a date stamp to the top.



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