Bible Journaling with Diana | Jesus is Victorious

Photo Jul 02, 6 01 42 PM

I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my Bible reading, and actually study the Bible. After reading ‘Women of the Word’ I decided to use the book of Mark as the first book I would actually study. I read through it in May in my new The Jesus Bible, avoiding the commentary, so I could make connections, notice recurring themes, and make it meaningful.  Then I read through it again in June, this time reading the commentary alongside the verses.Photo Jul 02, 12 06 20 PM

Mark 16, the end of the book, had a full page (devotional/commentary?) This was on the third day, when the women went to the tomb and Jesus’ body was gone. They were scared. This commentary outlines how we experience some really disappointing, frustrating, scary things… but that’s not the end. 

Photo Jul 02, 5 59 22 PM

Jesus was not killed and left in the tomb. He was resurrected. He overcame death. And through Jesus, we too will overcome the frustrations, disappointments, and scary things of this world.

Photo Jul 02, 5 59 36 PM

The commentary reminded me that I need to keep looking to Jesus. He was  the suffering servant. He bore my sins to save me from death and give me eternal life.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of me and the gospel will save it.

-Mark 8:35

In  my struggles, in my daily frustrations, I need to remember to keep my eyes on Jesus.

For this entry, I used the stamp set from this month’s kit, along with a couple other stamps from previous kits. I made sure to leave a lot of space in the margin, as I wanted to write out the last portion of the commentary from the Jesus Bible:

Jesus is Victorious. He was, is, and will always be undefeated by sin, by death, and by the grave. His victory is found in the fact that he was, and is, a selfless servant. In graciously giving his life, he also created a pathway to the life that is truly life eternal.

The July Kit, along with the stamp sets and ink pads used in this entry, are available in the Creative Retreat Shop.


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