Bible Journaling with Aaron | Cast Off the Burdens

How many times this week have you just felt completely defeated and overcome with burden? As I leave for work while trying to navigate motherhood, it seems more and more that my burden and guilt overcome my heart. I am constantly looking for the little victories in life!

I completed that load of laundry that had been sitting there, DONE! I got that paperwork at work completed and filed, DONE! I actually took a shower today, DONE! It’s those little victories from all the burden that make you feel like you have won the day! Today, I found myself thinking “cast your burden and guilt onto God.” Let go of the things I can’t control. Do not hold onto the weight and guilt of the week. Try not to be entangled by the stain of the little things. Cast every burden, every weight, every worry to God and He will sustain you. Your burdens are not God. God is bigger than your problem. Let it all go!

As I sat on my table reflecting on this month’s devotional questions. I continued to hear God telling me, “this is the best part of this season! Don’t miss it!” Then is the reflection questions in the devotional asked; “How did you respond to the adversity?” <— THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHERE I WANT TO LOOK BACK AND SAY “I handled it with confidence and VICTORY!”

Cast Off Our Burdens

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