Bible Journaling with Heidi | Remember

Hi friends! I am happy to be back today with a hymnal journaling entry! I hadn’t done one in a while and thought it was about time I got back into it.

I have said this before, but I love to read. Recently, I finished a book called “Winning the Worry Battle” (life lessons from the book of Joshua) by Barb Roose. And I can’t recommend it enough! It was so good! I decided to base this entry on a quote from the book.

This quote from the book refers to when God asked Joshua to set up a memorial of sorts for the Israelites to remember how God helped them cross the Jordan to get into the promised land.

“God understands that we are all fast forgetters. Likewise, God knows that fast forgetting is what leads to our fear in the first place. Forgetting what God has done for us leads to fear when uncertainty strikes. Marking the moment and maintaining our memories of God’s past victories not only cures fast forgetting but also reconnects us to God’s promise to give us future victory.”

Remembering God’s past victories is key! It helps to keep us from discouragement and fear, because we remember what God has done. It will also help us remember that we have victory in Christ and that is enough to have hope!

This week, I encourage you to remember the victories in your life. Write them down in a journal or in your Bible so that when you are feeling fear or discouragement, you can turn to them and remember what God has already done and remember that you are victorious in Christ. You already have victory!

Thank you for reading this today. You can buy this kit here ( as well as the faithfilled digitals. You can also follow me on Instagram @creative4hisglory where I share lots of fun journaling projects.


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