Bible Journaling with Aaron | All Circumstances

Can you find happiness in any circumstances?

My childhood was so rough, my teenage years were extremely hard. In my 20’s, I found God. In all those circumstances I can still look back and see God‘s presence. And this month’s devotional Hayley touches on being thankful in everything that has happened in our lives. It’s hard to say I’m thankful in the midst of everything. But as the smoke clears, you can look back and say I have seen the Lord‘s presence.

As we are in the season of chaos in my house, I try to be a model of Jesus in the midst of my sadness. In this season I’ve started a new job. In this season my daughter graduated from high school and shipped off to the Navy. (My momma heart is overwhelmed) In this season we have to figure out what social distancing is… And in this season we fight amongst each other and forget the Lord.

Let’s turn our hearts to Him and give thanks, because He has perfect vision. And when the smoke clears, we’ll see the Lord’s hand in it all.

I used this month’s devotional kit and faithfilled digitals to create this simple entry in my Illustrating Bible. Grab yours here:


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