Faithfully Waiting | Bible Journaling with Aaron

As a little girl I would wait for my daddy to get home every night, in hopes of him having a candy bar and a bear hug. I remember getting so upset if he wasn’t home when I thought he should have been home. (In his line of work, there wasn’t a set time.) I would ask my mom, “Mommy, where is Daddy?” while feeling frustrated. Can you see little Aaron with her hands on her hips? But in a little while, he would come in the door, and I’d run to him. I would completely forget the frustrations in my excitement. The smiles and laughter would be infectious.

Now that I’m grown, I’m still waiting. We’re all waiting for something. But how are we waiting? Are we losing hope? I truly hope not.

The wait may magnify our longing, but we will have that special, joyful moment! No matter the wait, the ending will be glorious. We will forget the intense waiting and be overwhelmed with joy. Let’s continue to wait expectantly and faithfully.

— Aaron @biblejournalingsisterhood on Instagram

For this bible journaling entry, I used the Creative Retreat “Worthy of the Wait” kit. Shop the collection here:


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