Bible Journaling with Heidi | Be Faithful in the Waiting

Hello everyone! I am so thankful to be back here and share about this month’s kit and devotional. This devotional was exactly what I needed to read and meditate on right now, and I think you will be able to relate to it as well.

We are all in a season of waiting, and we don’t like waiting. We live in a world of fast and crazy everything. Fast food, phone calls at the tip of our fingers, we can Google the answers to our questions in seconds, etc. So when comes the time to wait, we aren’t very good at it and we don’t like it.

We aren’t the only ones who went through seasons of waiting. We can read about Zechariah and Elizabeth in Luke 1 who waited to have a child for years and years. They waited so long that when the angel of the Lord appeared to Zechariah to tell him that Elizabeth would bear him a son, he didn’t believe it!

But here’s the key factor : Zechariah and Elizabeth were not passive in their waiting. They were faithful to the Lord, they walked in His ways, and they prayed (Luke 1:6, 13). That’s what we need to do in this season of waiting too. We are all waiting for the pandemic to end, and we all have things we are waiting for personally or spiritually. Let’s not waste this time and be passive about it. Let’s seek the Lord, let’s grow in Him, let’s pray and be faithful.

I invite you to think about this this week and just cry out to the Lord. He wants to hear from us and He does hear our prayers. He is a good Father, and He will help us through this season of waiting.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today. God really spoke to me through this month’s devotional, and I have a lot of praying and a heart check to do! You can find the kit and digital elements here ( and you can follow me on Instagram @creative4hisglory for lots of journaling projects!

2 thoughts on “Bible Journaling with Heidi | Be Faithful in the Waiting

  1. Thank you for sharing I am new at Bible Journaling and am hesitant to put anything in my Bible. I am not fancy at painting in my Bible.


    1. Hello! I totally get that! One tip I would give you is to have a Bible just for Bible journaling. Like that you might feel a little less bad if you cover up some words. I don’t paint in my Bible a lot either, which is why these kits are great! Stickers and printables are perfect for that! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @creative4Hisglory if ever you have any questions!



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