Bible Journaling With Jill | Faithful Waiting

I recently received a Christmas toy catalog in the mail from one of our favorite places to shop. I like to shop early and have Christmas presents bought before December. While I was looking through it with our children, I could see the excitement on their faces. Christmas is their favorite time of the year. I am sure that if I asked them what their favorite part of Christmas is, they would both say, “the presents.” My 5 year old has already started asking “is it Christmas time yet?” Waiting for Christmas morning is hard to do because they know that there will be something good for them under the tree that morning. 

Here in Luke, Elizabeth was told that she would be given the precious gift of a son.  Elizabeth and Zachariah had prayed for a child for years and had given up all hope of it ever happening. God’s timing was perfect though. He was not withholding a child from them out of spite. He had a special plan for their child. Their child grew up to be John the Baptist. His job was to prepare the way for Jesus. Had he been born at any other time, God could not have used him in the same way. 

Waiting on God’s timing can be difficult. Just like that child at Christmas, we may long for something (like marriage, or children, or financial stability) so much that the wait becomes painful. But God is good, and his timing is always perfect.

For this page, I started with the wish list journaling card from the digital set. I grabbed another journaling card and some pattern paper from the digital set, and I cut them out to make presents. I added a little ribbon to one of the presents, and I used the gift tag from the stamp set. I embossed some stars around the page using the star stamp included in the kit, and then I added some finishing touches like washi, tab, paint splatters, and other stickers. As always, I finished with my date stamp.

Thanks for following along. Be sure to check out this kit along with other great journaling products from Creative Retreat Kits. You can follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.



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