Bible Journaling with Aaron | My Prayers…

Where are you in your prayer life? Are you laying in bed in the wee hours of night having a precious conversation with God? Are you in the middle of the grocery store praying to the Lord, “just let me get through this line?” Are you sitting on the bedroom floor cleaning your kid’s room with one hand, holding a baby in the other hand, and crying out to the Lord for help?

I have been there for all of them. Today, my prayers look a little different as I’m fighting different things in my life. Which, I think, 2020 has brought that out in all of us. On this prayer journal card, I wrote down a prayer that I say a lot lately. “Let me be healed, oh Lord. Let me lay down my burdens and give them to you.”

I used the God’s Plans Faith Art Box to create this whole bible journaling entry and coordinating prayer card. The kit is still available in the Creative Retreat shop. Grab one and let’s make some prayer cards together! Let us know what your prayers look like in this season, and allow us to pray those things right along with you.


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