Bible Journaling with Aaron | The Fight.

This study opened a lot of thoughts and wonders. Thinking about what I can control and what God controls is a struggle for me. I want to control everything and end up fighting with myself over not do it right. Or getting mad at someone else because I held them to a higher standard than I know they could reach. In the Higher Ways devotional, Jessi Silva writes — “We, the passengers of life, are not in control. We are not all-knowing, all-seeing.” Man, isn’t this what we sometimes think we are!

As I got deeper in my thoughts and wonders. I thought, hmmm….. How am I fighting the good fight and trying to control it all! It’s not possible to do both. We have to give our all to God and let it happen. Pray for me. I am still trying to do this myself. I am still working on the fight. Pray with me today as we continue this month’s study and dive deeper into the Lord’s higher ways.

I used this month’s Faith Art Box to create this word study card.
The whole collection is still available here:
In this card I made I also used the stars in this set. You can find this set on sale now!


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