The Whole Armor of God | Tara

Hi friends, Tara here with you today! I have been in a rut with bible studies lately, jumping here and there needing to focus a bit more. God always knows things at least 10 steps ahead of me (or what I may think I know!) and threw something right in my lap this week.


I’m a mamma to three amazing boys – but boy, some days I wonder if God chose the right woman for this task. I know, a silly thought that must be squashed immediately with His truths, but I get weary, tired, and impatient. I love them with all my heart but my actions don’t always translate into that.

I love getting encouragement from other boy mammas and found the group on Facebook called The MOB Society. I saw that there was a Praying for Boys Prayer Challenge this week and dove right in! The other day, the challenge focused on Ephesians 6:14, how knowing God’s truth for us changes the way we look, think, and react to situations and circumstances.

I decided to journal and pray about The Armor of God – not only asking God to protect my children, but myself, and my husband too. So often I rely on my strength. I think, “I got this”. But in reality I need to let go of my control issues, have less of me and much more of God! I love how the stamp set Karla Storey designed for the Nov Faith Art Box fit perfectly here.


I added hints of the “God” stamp faintly after using gesso. I wanted a little bit of a vintage color to the page and the antique linen Tim Holtz distress ink worked really well. I added in bits using the cross stencil (LOVE!!) for an added touch in the margin.

Here is a closer look. I accidentally splattered some purple watercolor on the page so I went with it, adding a muted purple.


I am so thankful that God prepares us and equips us for today and the days ahead. I will continue to pray for his strength, protection, and guidance over myself and my family. I hope you find encouragement today – that you will join me in prayer to stand firm in faith and hold on to the truths He has given us. I pray that we can pause before we act, taking a moment to reflect on how God truly changes our hearts and desires.

Xxo – Tara

5 thoughts on “The Whole Armor of God | Tara

  1. I feel you! This definitely spoke to me, a fellow mom of boys! And I love the prayers the MOB society shares with us! It’s so important to pray over our families. Also love the purple 😉


    1. Hi sweet lady – glad you found some encouragement here. I love when something resonates with what I’m going through, feeling, dealing with right when I need that. God is amazing, isn’t he? I’ll be praying for you. Yes – prayer is so important. I don’t do it enough for my family and I’m changing that. I think the purple gave the page the perfect pop of color too! xx



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