Bible Journaling with Diana | Awesome God

Photo Jun 14, 5 55 54 AM

There is an abundance of scripture that corresponds with this month’s beautiful kit, and I have journaled many. While debating which to share with you, I took a break and worked in my 90’s Worship Songs traveler’s notebook. I’ve been writing out song lyrics from some of my favorite songs from when I was younger. I’ve filled it with all the songs that, even 25 years later, get stuck in my head.

Photo Jun 14, 5 52 17 AM

One of the tapes that was always on in my dad’s minivan was by Michael W. Smith.  Of his many songs, I felt that “Awesome God” went well with this month’s theme.

“Our God is an awesome God;

He reigns from Heaven above

with wisdom, power, and love;

Our God is an awesome God.”

God is our eternal promise keeper. His love endures forever.  He will never forget us. He is truly awesome.

Photo Jun 14, 5 55 31 AM
I’ve since added the verses as well, using yellow pen on top of the black. I wanted the chorus to be the focus. Because he is an awesome God!

Do you love lyrics as much as I do? I would also love to know some your favorite worship songs.


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